Shelby County Appraisal District
Robert N. Pigg, Chief Appraiser
724 Shelbyville Street  *  Center, Texas  75935
ph  (936) 598-6171  *  fax (936) 598-7096

Business Hours:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The appraisal districts were established by the 66th Legislature in
1979 enacted by Section 6 of the Texas Property Tax Code.  The
function of the appraisal district is to mass appraise real and personal
property at market value for the taxing entities of the county.  This
would ensure that only one value was placed on a property for each
entity that had jurisdiction to tax that particular property.

The Shelby County Appraisal District office was opened in 1980.  The
first appraisal roll was printed in 1982.  The information was gathered
from various resources including the tax rolls from the taxing entities of
the county.
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Homeowners Have Payment Options on Appreciating Home Value
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Disabled Veterans May Qualify to Have Some of Their Property
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Texas Local Property Taxes
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Frequently Asked Questions About Property Tax
How the Appraisal District Values Property
Recent 273RD District Court Decision
Will Impact Shelby County Appraisal Roll

A 2008 lawsuit filed by Joaquin Independent School District against
Shelby County Appraisal District and Shelby County Appraisal Review
Board contending that properties were carried incorrectly according to
the boundary line establish in 1974.
The 273rd District Court has issued a partial ruling that orders the
Shelby County Appraisal District to change affected properties within
45 days. The changes will be made before appraisal notices are
mailed for 2012.

There will be approximately 182 real property accounts and 3,472
producing mineral accounts that will be impacted. The effect will range
from some properties being switched from one school district to
another, some being split between two school districts and in the case
of minerals, a change in percentages applied to royalty and working

The appraisal district is uncertain whether taxpayers who may disagree
with their placement in a particular school district will be allowed to
intervene in the ongoing litigation or to file a separate suit for relief
without first filing a protest with the appraisal review board.  Therefore,
it is suggested that taxpayers file a timely protest with the Appraisal
Review Board for the 2012 tax year if they wish to preserve their rights
to contest the same.
List of Real Property Owners Affected
List of Mineral Property Owners Affected
Mineral Leases Split Between Joaquin & Shelbyville
Map Of School Districts Affected
Annual Report 2012
Tax Rates and Exemptions 2013
Appraisal Review Board Meeting
Board of Director's Meeting
Oil and Gas Frequently Asked Questions
Members:  Carlos Gray, Richard Prince, Wayne Riley, Pam
Shepherd, Joe West
Members:  Keith Brownlow, Doyle Carter, David Chandler, James
Cockrell, John Howard (Vice Chairman), Etola Jones, Debora
Riley (Ex-Officio), Charles Rushing, Ronny Samford, Jim Sawyer
(Chairman), Dan Wilkins