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How to Access Information RegardingYour Property Taxes

Property Tax Law Deadlines

January 1

Taxable values (except for inventories appraised September 1) and qualification for certain exemptions are determined for the tax year.

Property Tax Code Sec. 11.42(a), 23.01(a), 23.12(f)

February 1

Taxes imposed the previous year become delinquent if a bill was mailed on or before January 10 of the current year.

Property Tax Code Sec. 31.02(a), 31.04(a)

April 15

Last day to file renditions and property reports on most property types.  Chief appraiser must extend deadline to May 15 upon written request.

Property Tax Code Sec. 22.23(a) and (b )

June 15

Last day to file most protests with the appraisal review board.  Or by 30th day after notice of appraised value is delivered, whichever is later.

Property Tax Code Sec. 41.44(a)(1)

October 1

Date the tax assessor mails tax bills for the year or soon after as practical.

Property Tax Code Sec. 31.01(a)

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